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BIOMED Faculty Details: Philip E. Bloomfield, Ph.D.
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Philip E. Bloomfield, Ph.D.  
Research Professor, School of Biomedical Engineering, Science & Health Systems
Office: Bossone 7-613-3  Email:
Phone: 215.895.1810   Fax: 215.895.4983
Research Keywords:
Dielectric and polarization studies of ferroelectric materials, silicon based copolymer integrated IR and ultrasonic sensor arrays, thermoelectric devices, ultrasonic tissue characterization, piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers.
Philip E. Bloomfield, has been Research Professor at Drexel University's Biomedical Engineering and Science Institute since 1992. Previous employment includes National Bureau of Standards (1956-57, 1974-76), University of PA Physics Dept. (1964-1970, 1988), City College of New York Physics Dept. (1970-73), Pennnwalt Corporation: Central Research Dept., King of Prussia, PA (1977-1987), Drexel University Materials Engineering Dept. (1989-1992) Dr. Bloomfield is the holder of eight U.S. Patents and has authored over seventy published papers. While at NBS he developed a fuzing concept utilizing piezoelectric PVDF that led to an Annual Army R & D Award (1976). At the Pennwalt Corp. Dr. Bloomfield was responsible for formulating, directing, and executing research on materials, devices, and other applications in electroactive polymers that were being optimized for their dielectric, piezoelectric, and pyroelectric properties. At Drexel University Dr. Bloomfield carries out dielectric and polarization studies on ferroelectric materials and research and development of infrared detectors and ultrasonic. transducers. Dr. Bloomfield is a member of the IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control Society's Committee on Ferroelectrics and IEEE Ferroelectrics Standards Committee and at the University of PA's Center for Sensor Technologies he participates in the physical sensor research program.
B.A., University of Chicago, Liberal Arts, 1956

B.S., University of Chicago, Physics and Math, 1957

M.S., University of Chicago, Physics, 1959

Ph.D.,University of Chicago, Physics, 1965

Active Research Projects:
Development of Wideband Ultrasonic Transducers for Medical Imaging
Development of Ultrasonic Doppler and reflective techniques for tooth necrosis determination
Development of active cancellation techniques for environmental noises
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1. Electrical Connection for a Piezoelectric Member of Polymeric Material such as PVDF, US Patent 4339683A (1982), with W.R. Scott, W.T. Weist and K.M McMahon.

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6. “Apparatus for Piezoelectric Polymer Films and Tubes”, US Patent 44800048 (1989), P.E. Bloomfield, R.A. Ferren, and D.H. Wickwire.

7. “Manufacture of Electrically Insulating Oriented
Tetrafluoroethylene-Vinylidene Fluoride Copolymer Films”, EP
315708 (1989), L.K. Wempe, D.H. Wickwire and P.E. Bloomfield.

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