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BIOMED Faculty Details: Amy L. Throckmorton, Ph.D.
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Amy L. Throckmorton, Ph.D.   [Details
Associate Professor and Director, BioCirc Research Laboratory, School of Biomedical Engineering, Science & Health Systems
Office: Gerri C. LeBow 621  Email:
Phone: 215.895.2791
Laboratory Web Page: Click Here to Visit Laboratory Web Page
Research Keywords:
Computational and experimental fluid dynamics; cardiovascular modeling, including transient, fluid-structure interaction, and patient-specific anatomical studies; bench-to-bedside development of medical devices; artificial organs research; prediction and quantification of blood trauma and thrombosis in medical devices; design of therapeutic alternatives for patients with dysfunctional single ventricle physiology; human factors engineering of mechanical circulatory assist devices.
Personal News:
Selected Honors and Awards:

• Biomedical Engineering GAANN Fellowship for Research in Vascular Engineering, 2002-2005
• ASAIO Biomedical Engineering Fellowship sponsored by The Whitaker Foundation, 2003-2005
• Andy Ford Research Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Field of Pediatric Cardiovascular Disease, 2004
• Distinguished Virginia Engineering Foundation Fellowship, 2004
• Biomedical Engineering Award, International Conference on Pediatric MCS and Cardiopulmonary Perfusion, 2005
• Outstanding Biomedical Engineering Student Award at the University of Virginia, 2006
• Helmut Reul Young Investigator Award (2nd Place), 14th Annual International Society for Rotary Blood Pump Conference in Leuven, Belgium, 2006
• John A. Waldhausen Young Investigator Award at the 3rd International Conf. on Pediatric Mechanical Circulatory Support Systems and Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Perfusion, 2007
• Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award, 2009
• Qimonda Assistant Professorship in the School of Engineering at VCU, 2009-2012
• Student-Choice Certificate of Recognition from the VCU Engineering Student Council, 2010
• Distinguished Service Award, Richmond Technical Center, Division of Career and Technical Education, Richmond Public Schools, 2011
• VCU School of Engineering Parent's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, 2011
• VCU Engineering Student Council's Award for Excellence in Teaching for Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering, 2012-2013
• Member, Board of Directors, American Society for Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO), 2010-2014
Dr. Amy L. Throckmorton is Associate Professor and Director of the BioCirc Research Laboratory in the School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems at Drexel University. Prior to this position, in the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at the Virginia Commonwealth University, she served as Associate Professor and previously held the chaired Qimonda Assistant Professorship. She received her Ph.D. and M.S. in Biomedical Engineering as well as a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Virginia. After working in the chemical industry, she served as a research assistant from 2000 to 2006 in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Virginia. After receiving her Ph.D., she worked, as a postdoctoral fellow, on the development of blood-contacting medical devices in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Indiana University School of Medicine. She conducts research in experimental and computational fluid mechanics as related to the development of innovative treatment strategies for pediatric and adult patients suffering from heart failure secondary to acquired and congenital heart disease. Therapeutic modalities under development will augment flow and pressure in the: 1) cavopulmonary circulation (pulmonary circulatory support) in patients with single ventricle physiology, and 2) systemic circulation in patients with single ventricle or biventricular circulations as a bridge-to-recovery or transplant. This research addresses complex and unresolved hurdles in the field of congenital heart disease and mechanical circulatory support. Core areas of her research include the application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) under steady and transient rotational flow conditions, hydraulic performance testing of prototypes for validation of CFD predictions, blood bag experimentation, and animal testing. This research combines broad expertise in engineering, pediatric cardiology, adult cardiology, congenital heart surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, and medical device design and manufacturing.
Fellow, Indiana University, Cardiothoracic Surgery, 2007
Ph.D., University of Virginia, Biomedical Engineering, 2006
M.S., University of Virginia, Biomedical Engineering, 2002
B.S., University of Virginia, Chemical Engineering, 1998
Book Chapter

1. A.L. Throckmorton, S.G. Chopski*, and E.A. Downs**. “Chapter 19: Current Strategies, Technologies Under Development, and Future Directions.” Status: Under review by editors as of 8/12/2012. Jahanmir S, Weiss W, and Zapanta C. “Mechanical Cardiovascular Assist Devices: Design and Performance Evaluation.” ASME Press. New York: 2012.

15 Selected Peer-reviewed Publications from 38 (H-index of 13):

1. A.L. Throckmorton, S.A. Tahir, S. Lopes, O.M. Rangus, and M.G. Sciolino. “Steady and Transient Flow Analysis of a Magnetically Levitated Pediatric VAD: Time Varying Boundary Conditions.” Int J Artif Organs 2013, In press.
2. A.L. Throckmorton, S. Lopez-Isaza, and W.B. Moskowitz. “Dual-Blood Pump Support for Mechanical Assistance of the Fontan Physiology.” Artificial Organs 2013; 37(6): 513-22.
3. A.L. Throckmorton, S. Lopez-Isaza, E.A. Downs, S.G. Chopski, J.J. Gangemi, and W.B. Moskowitz. “A Viable Therapeutic Option: Mechanical Circulatory Support of the Failing Fontan Physiology.” Pediatr Cardiol 2013; 34(6): 1357-65. Accepted “As-is” for publication.
4. S.A. Tahir, W.B. Moskowitz, and A.L. Throckmorton. “Numerical Analysis of Protective Cage Geometries for Mechanical Cavopulmonary Assistance in a Patient-Specific Fontan Physiology.” J Med Biol Eng 2013; 33(3): 257-262.
5. E.A. Downs, W.B. Moskowitz, and A.L. Throckmorton. “Steady Flow Analysis of Mechanical Cavopulmonary Assistance in MRI-Derived Patient-Specific Fontan Configurations,” Artificial Organs 2012; 36(11): 972-80.
6. A.L. Throckmorton, J.P. Carr, W.B. Moskowitz, J.J. Gangemi, C.M. Haggerty, A.P. Yoganathan. “Uniquely Shaped Cardiovascular Stents Enhance the Pressure Generation of Intravascular Blood Pumps.” J Thoracic Cardiovasc Surg 2012; 144(3): 704-709. Accepted “As-is” for publication.
7. A.L. Throckmorton, M.G. Sciolino, E.A. Downs, R.S. Saxman, S. Lopez-Isaza, and W.B. Moskowitz. “Controlled Pitch-Adjustment of Impeller Blades for an Intravascular Blood Pump.” ASAIO J 2012; 58(4): 382-389.
8. S.G. Chopski, E. Downs, C.M. Haggerty, A.P. Yoganathan, and A.L. Throckmorton. “Laser Flow Measurements of an Idealized Total Cavopulmonary Connection with Mechanical Circulatory Assistance.” Artificial Organs 2011; 35(11): 1052-1064.
9. A.L. Throckmorton, J.Y. Kapadia, S.G. Chopski, S.S. Bhavsar, W.B. Moskowitz, S.D. Gullquist, J.J. Gangemi, C.M. Haggerty, and A.P. Yoganathan. “Numerical, Hydraulic, and Hemolytic Evaluation of an Intravascular Axial Flow Blood Pump to Mechanically Support Fontan Patients.” Ann Biomed Engr 2011; 39(1): 324-336.
10. A.L. Throckmorton, J.Y. Kapadia, J.P. Carr, C.M. Powell, R.D. Tate, and D.V. Traynham. “Flexible Impeller Pump for Intravascular Cavopulmonary Assistance of the Fontan Physiology.” Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology 2011; 1(4): 244-255.
11. S.S. Bhavsar, W.B. Moskowitz, and A.L. Throckmorton. “Interaction of an Idealized Cavopulmonary Circulation with Mechanical Circulatory Assist using an Intravascular Rotary Blood Pump.” Artificial Organs 2010; 34(10): 816-827.
12. S.M. Patel, P.E. Allaire, H.G. Wood, A.L. Throckmorton, C.G. Tribble, and D.B. Olsen. "Methods of Failure and Reliability Assessment of Mechanical Heart Pumps." Artificial Organs 2005; 29(1): 15-25. Recognized as one of the top 10 articles viewed online in 2005 at Blackwell Synergy Pub.
13. H.G. Wood, A.L. Throckmorton, A. Untaroiu, and X. Song. "The Medical Physics of Ventricular Assist Devices." Rep. Prog. Phys. 2005; 68: 1-32. Recognized as one of the most frequently downloaded papers of 2005 by the journal.
14. X. Song, A.L. Throckmorton, H.G. Wood, P.E. Allaire, and D.B. Olsen. “Transient and Quasi-steady Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of a Left Ventricular Assist Device.” ASAIO J 2004; 50: 410-417.
15. X. Song, A.L. Throckmorton, H.G. Wood, J.F. Antaki, and D.B. Olsen. “Quantitative Evaluation of Blood Damage in a Centrifugal VAD by Computational Fluid Dynamics.” J Fluids Engineering 2004; 126: 410-418.
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Title: Noninvasive Counterpulsation Device, System and Computer Program Product Assignee: Provisional Patent through University of Virginia Patent Foundation
U.S. Provisional Patent Application Serial No. 61/025,486
Filing Date: 1/10/2008 Approval Date: 2/1/2008

World International Patent Office
Title: Axial-Flow Blood Pump with Magnetically Suspended, Radially and Axially Stabilized Impeller
Patent Number: WO/2005/030296 International Application No.: PCT/US2004/031582 Publication Date: 07/04/2004 International Filing Date: 27/9/2004

United States Patent and Trademark Office
Title: Streamlined Unobstructed One-Pass Axial-Flow Pump
Assignee: Medforte Research Foundation, Univ. of Virginia Patent Foundation Patent Number: 7229258 Application No.: 10/950,176
Filing Date: 9/24/2004 Approval Date: June 12, 2007
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