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AbstNumb Project Title Submission Type Contact
38 Non-toxic ZnS Quantum Dots for in-vivo Biomedical Imaging Applications Faculty Wan Y Shih
39 Portable, Rapid, Label-Free, and Ultrasensitive Array Food Pathogen Sensor Using Piezoelectric Microcantilever Sensors (PEMS) Faculty Wan Y Shih
40 Workflow process measurement in the Emergency Department Faculty Neal Handly
42 Modeling Robustness in Biological Systems Faculty Andres Kriete
47 Software system to predict disease causing prokaryotes Faculty Aydin Tozeren
50 Modular Probe Design for Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Faculty Kurtulus Izzetoglu
51 Wireless Near-infrared Spectroscopy Faculty Kurtulus Izzetoglu
82 Neurocognitive Screening of Locked-in Patients Douglas L. Chute
83 Web-Based Tool to facilitate Cross-Platform Expression Analysis Aydin Tozeren
96 Deep Tendon Reflex Simulator for Medical Student Training Jessica Wilcox
97 Skin cancer diagnostics Andres Kriete
98 Closed-loop brain-machine interface for paraplegia Carl Beringer
99 Cyclodextrin/PVA hydrogel with antibiotic silver for neutralizing malodorous chronic wound odor Jason Sedlak
100 Developing a feedback-titrated oxygen delivery system Student Andrea Verghese
101 Design, Development and Testing of a Pupillomery Based Device and its Algorithms Meltem Izzetoglu
102 Redesign mobile X-ray equipment to support home healthcare market demands Student Mark Murphy
104 Anti-shivering Cooling Device for Cardiac Arrest Patients Student Renee Nester
105 Topical Wound Dressing Development for Treatment of Chronic Wounds Student Sid Joshi
106 Heart Disease Testing Device Student Stephanie Cicalese
107 Plasma-Assisted Hand Disinfection and Sterilization Student Krishnateja Pemmaraju

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