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The School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health System's (BIOMED) policies supplement and, in some cases, may be more restrictive than Drexel University policy. BIOMED encourages all students to familiarize themselves with both School and University policies [ ].

For students who have not registered for any course for more than one academic year (Readmission):

Undergraduate students previously enrolled at Drexel who have not registered for any course for more than one academic year may apply directly for readmission by completing an "Application for Readmission," which is available from the Student Resource Center (SRC) website at If the student meets the minimum requirements listed below and left the University in good academic standing, he or she should make an appointment to meet with an academic advisor in the School to complete the readmission process.

The minimum requirements for readmission into the School are as follows:

  • The student was previously accepted into a degree program at Drexel University.

  • The student maintained a 2.00 or greater term grade point average (GPA) and 2.00 or greater cumulative GPA*.

  • There are no student holds (e.g., financial) that will impede reinstatement.

  • The student was not dismissed due to academic dishonesty or any misconduct that violates the University's Student Code of Conduct. For details on student conduct, please review the Student Handbook.

If readmission is granted, the student should make an appointment to meet with a BIOMED academic advisor to complete the readmission process.

*Any incomplete or unresolved grade will be considered an "F" unless evidence of the filing of a formal "Change of Grade" form or an approved "Drop/Withdraw" can be readily ascertained.

A cumulative GPA of 2.00 is required for graduation for all undergraduate programs at the University. If a student's cumulative GPA is less than 2.00 at the end of any term, students will be notified and placed on probation or dismissed from the University.

For students who have been dismissed for academic reasons (Reinstatement):

Undergraduate students who have received an academic dismissal have the right to appeal the decision. The School's Committee on Academic Standing will set aside appointment times at the beginning of each quarter to meet with students who wish to appeal the School's decision to dismiss them due to poor scholarship. Dismissed students should contact the BIOMED office as soon as possible to arrange a meeting to discuss their reinstatement options. Additional information about the University's Academic Standing policy is available on the Provost's website at

If an appeal is successful, the student will be required to sign an academic progress agreement which is intended to help the student achieve good academic standing as quickly as academically feasible. A copy of this agreement is given to the student, a is copy sent to the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) for processing with the recommendation for reinstatement, and the original placed in the student. Additionally, the student must sign an Authorization for Reinstatement from Academic Dismissal form before his or her reinstatement may be processed.

Any subsequent academic dismissal action for which the student has not met the agreed upon academic progress goals will result in final dismissal from the School.

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