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Lab Contact Information
Lab Web site Address:
Lab Phone Number: 215.895.2791

Faculty in Charge
Name: Aydin Tozeren
Phone: 215.895.6148
Fax: 215.895.4983

Lab Overview
Bioinformatics is an emerging field of science that is concerned with the management, analysis and visualization of the flood of data being generated in molecular and cellular biology, genomics and other areas of biology and biomedicine. Center for Integrated Bioinformatics focuses on a system approach to bioinformatics in which information at the gene, protein, cell, tissue, organ, and system level is integrated and interpreted for early detection, accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment of complex diseases such as cancer. The program offers bioinformatics education at both undergraduate and graduate levels and provides advanced bioinformatics training programs for The Greater Philadelphia Bioinformatics Alliance. The overall objective of the educational program is to train students in system approaches for the development of useful computational models of living systems and novel enabling informatics technologies in life sciences. A broad, educational impact of the Center for Integrated Bioinformatics educational program is to strengthen the system biology and bioinformatics background of life sciences, engineering and computer science students. The program facilitates bioinformatics research in a wide range of topics, including the molecular characterization of tissue heterogeneity, molecular pathways and cellular networks, and the informatics of cultured cells. Tissue heterogeneity is an important property of cancer. Medical, histological, and molecular information must be integrated to address the issues of early detection, accurate diagnosis, and individualized treatment. Integration of information is also the key ingredient in the future advances in the treatment of infectious diseases.

List of Available Major Equipment
Laboratory: The Center for Integrated Bioinformatics (A. Tozeren, Director) occupies 1000 square feet of space on the 6th Floor of the recently-built Bossone Research Center (rm. 613). The space is currently used by three full time research staff (Adam Ertel, Dr. Bilge Karacali, Dr. Alexandra Vamvakidou) and 5 doctoral students (Rochelle Nasto, Michael Gormley, William Dampier, Noor Dawany and Chris Kelly). Adjacent to this space is a temperature-controlled room for the CenterŐs IBM Blade Center.

Computer: The Center for Integrated Bioinformatics (CfIB) computing resources include an IBM BladeCenter that provides parallel computing across 28-nodes equipped with dual 3.2GHz Intel Xeon processors running Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS. Our BladeCenter also provides access to 2.5 TB of shared storage. CfIB supports a broad array of statistical packages and programming languages for standard and custom applications in computational biology including Java Runtime Environment, Matlab and Matlab Distributed Computing Engine, R, TIGR Multiexperiment Viewer, SAS, S-plus-200; and DB2. Our dedicated Center for Integrated Bioinformatics (CfIB) desktop computers include one 3.6GHz Pentium with 3GB of RAM and three 3GHz dual XEON processor PCs with 2GB of RAM running both Windows XP and Fedora Core Linux Operating Systems. In addition, the CfIB has a computing classroom with twenty 3GHz Pentium desktops with 1GB of RAM. All CfIB computers have a 100Mbps Fast Ethernet connection and support a full range of office applications as well as computation tools such as Matlab, R, TIGR Multi Experiment Viewer, and VCELL.

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