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Success in Academia Conference
October 12, 2015
A professional development conference to be held in Behrakis Hall on October 30, 2015, from 12:30 PM to 5:15 PM.

Proper Lab Attire and Protection
June 16, 2015
Proper attire and protection equipment in the laboratory setting is as important in the summer as any other time of year.

Senior Design Proposal Presentations
May 13, 2015
Senior Design proposal presentations for the 2014-2015 academic year will be held May 18th & May 19th, 2015 in Bossone 709.

Alumni Networking Event for BME's
May 11, 2015
The School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems, with the Drexel Alumni Association, will host an online networking event on Wednesday, May 20th.

Why Wearables Matter for Medtech
December 3, 2014
Wearable medical devices are still in their infancy, their future mostly unwritten.

A 3-D Heart Simulator
December 3, 2014
A heart simulator, meant to help the real thing.

Wearable Technology Feels Like Skin
November 6, 2014
When it comes to the future of computing, there is one major known and a principal unknown.

Can a Computer Replace Your Doctor?
September 22, 2014
As a former physician, I shivered a bit when I heard Dr. Vivek Wadhwa say he would rather have an artificial-intelligence doctor than a human one.

Illuminating Technology
September 19, 2014
Optogenetics, a research technique using light, has

NASA Breathalyzer Sniffs Out Cancer
July 3, 2014
The Vantage Health Sensor is a prototype Bluetooth-enabled breath tester that works with any smartphone for the early detection of lung cancer (soon).

3-D Printing To Treat Heart Defects
April 3, 2014
Pieces made on a 3-D printer form a replica of the patient's heart that Children's Hospital surgeons can use to plan complicated operations.

Biomedical Engineering (BME) Week
March 18, 2014
The themes for the inaugural year of Biomedical Engineering Week are translational research and startup companies and will take place May 19-22, 2014.

Wearable Power
March 7, 2014
Team of Drexel engineers who came up with a way to knit an energy storage device have now been recognized by the NSF for their skill in showing how they did it.

Robotic Construction Crew
February 14, 2014
Robotic construction crew needs no foreman.

Addressing a Shortage
December 12, 2013
Drexel is teaming up with CHOP to boost the pipeline of medical devices for children.

HIV Self-Destructs
December 6, 2013
Designer molecules cause HIV to self-destruct.

While-You-Nosh Cognitive Imaging
November 12, 2013
By monitoring the brains of people during meals, researchers hope to learn about the cognitive aspects of eating.

Brain Research Tool from Algae
October 18, 2013
Basic research serendipitously advances brain science.

Disarming HIV With a "Pop"
September 24, 2013
Drexel researchers have created a microbicide that can trick HIV into “popping” itself into oblivion.

Technology Pioneers in MedTech
August 30, 2013
What does a technology pioneer in medtech look like?

Global Innovation Partnership Forum
August 15, 2013
The Global Innovation Partnership (GIP) Forum 2013 @ Drexel University will take place November 20 - 21, 2013.

Artificial Ear Grown on Rat's Back
August 12, 2013
Scientists have engineered a lifelike, flexible artificial ear that can be customized for individual patients.

Wound Healing with Ultrasound
August 2, 2013
Drexel Researchers Develop Ultrasound Technology for Healing Chronic Wounds

E-Skin Responds to Touch
July 26, 2013
Paper-thin e-skin responds to touch, holds promise for sensory robotics and interactive environments.

The Visible Brain Has Arrived
July 24, 2013
Brains as clear as Jell-O for scientists to explore.

MC10's BioStamp
June 17, 2013
The New Frontier of Medical Diagnostics

A Blank Canvas to Create Smart Limbs
May 20, 2013
Hugh Herr lost both of his legs below the knee in 1982. Today he designs computerized prostheses and artificial body parts at M.I.T.

Girl Born Without Windpipe
April 30, 2013
Groundbreaking Surgery for Girl Born Without Windpipe

3D Printing with Stem Cells
February 18, 2013
A breakthrough 3D-printing process using human stem cells could be the precursor to printing organs from a patient’s own cells.

History of BIOMED's Home
January 31, 2013
The School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems still resides on the top two floors of the building that was once called Commonwealth Hall.

Consumerization of Medical Devices
January 4, 2013
Cost pressures, new media technology drive consumerization of medical devices.

Hatching Ideas and Companies at MIT
December 21, 2012
How do you take particles in a test tube, or components in a tiny chip, and turn them into a $100 million company?

Mastering a $110,000 Mechanical Arm
November 28, 2012
Learning to accept, and master, a $110,000 mechanical arm.

Global Innovation Partnership Forum
October 15, 2012
The Global Innovation Partnership (GIP) Forum @ Drexel University will take place October 29 - 31, 2012.

Printed Exoskeleton = Use of Arms
October 14, 2012
3D Printed Exoskeleton Lets Little Girl Lift Arms, Play

One-Day Chronobiology Workshop
August 27, 2012
The Time Has Come: Translating Research in Chronobiology and Sleep into Practical Applications

For him, it's personal
August 10, 2012
Brian Hipszer, a Jefferson researcher and a diabetic, puts his own body into the quest for the

Device Helps Eyes Do the Write Thing
July 30, 2012
Refining visual control could help disabled communicate; hands-free systems for pilots, surgeons possible.

Wireless and Touch-Sensitive Bionics
June 29, 2012
A new generation of bionics which can connect wirelessly with the nervous system and feel are under development.

They Moved a Robot With Their Minds
May 16, 2012
Two people who are virtually paralyzed from the neck down have learned to manipulate a robotic arm with just their thoughts.

Plasmonics Augures Better Biosensors
April 4, 2012
But the near-term goal, bloodless blood-glucose monitoring, is likely out of reach.

Transplanted Jaw Made by 3D Printer
February 6, 2012
A 3D printer-created lower jaw has been fitted to an 83-year-old woman's face in what doctors say is the first operation of its kind.

Diabetic Tester That Talks to iPhone
January 10, 2012
While consumer technology advances by leaps and bounds, the devices patients use to manage diseases often seem stuck in the past.

FDA Approves App for Scan Results
December 10, 2011
Those scan results are just an app away.

Vinegar Used Against Cervical Cancer
November 2, 2011
Fighting Cervical Cancer With Vinegar and Ingenuity

Easy Motion and Smart Prosthetics
September 15, 2011
Scientists at Drexel's CONQUER lab say brain imaging could lead to the development of “smart” prosthetics, artificial limbs controlled directly by the brain.

Chip and Skin
September 1, 2011
How hi-tech 'tattoo' will monitor patients' vital signs.

Stick-on Patch To Monitor Patients
August 12, 2011
Stick-on patch proposed for patient monitoring.

Detecting Infectious Particles
August 3, 2011
Disposable chip rapidly detects infectious particles at the point of care.

Nanofiber Regenerates Blood Vessels
August 3, 2011
A synthetic material may help to repair tissue after a heart attack, and aid transplants.

Harnessing Brain Power to Move Stuff
August 2, 2011
Researchers successfully use EEG brain signals to reconstruct the complex 3-D movements of the ankle, knee and hip joints during human treadmill walking.

Brain Control of Prosthetic Arms
July 29, 2011
Researchers aim for 'direct brain control' of prosthetic arms.

Answers from the Crowd
July 18, 2011
Using crowd-sourcing to contribute to solutions of health care problems.

Lab-Made Trachea Saves Man
July 15, 2011
Tumor-blocked windpipe replaced using synthetic materials, patient's own cells.

Nanoparticles to Fight Alzheimer's
July 5, 2011
Nanoparticles enlisted to impede Alzheimer's-inducing brain plaque

Medical Device Maker Bill Cook
May 6, 2011
Bill Cook’s first business venture flopped. But that did not stop him from developing a sprawling company that has made thousands of medical devices.

The iPad in the Hospital Setting
April 26, 2011
For some doctors, the iPad is claiming a key spot next to the stethoscope.

Ultrasound Gets More Portable
December 23, 2010
A new handheld ultrasound device could be the first that can connect directly to cell-phone and Wi-Fi networks.

Brain Stimulation and Stroke Therapy
December 3, 2010
Berkeley studies brain stimulation to help with stroke therapy.

Implants Help the Paralyzed Exercise
December 2, 2010
A tiny, implantable chip that delivers electrical impulses to aid in exercising paralysed limbs has been unveiled by scientists.

Vision Chip Restores Eyesight
November 8, 2010
The chip, which contains 1,500 light-sensitive elements, replaces damaged cells in a blind person's retina.

Restored Vision
October 6, 2010
Implanted telescope restores sight to blind.

Nanowires for Artificial Skin
September 17, 2010
Pyramids, Nanowires Show Two Futures for Artificial Skin.

3-D Printing for Prosthetic Limbs
September 17, 2010
3-D Printing Spurs a Manufacturing Revolution.

Woman Gains Regenerated Fingertip
September 10, 2010
Woman's persistence pays off in regenerated fingertip.

Artificial Heart Could Be a Standard
August 6, 2010
An artificial heart its makers say could be a standard replacement.

Salad Spinner Centrifuge
July 21, 2010
Salad Spinner Centrifuge: A Cheap, Ingenious Health Care Tool

Science Podcast with Peter Lelkes
July 2, 2010
Dr. Peter Lelkes was interviewed on the Science Magazine Podcast for June 25th, 2010.

Flexible Robotic Surgery
July 1, 2010
On the Horizon – Flexible Robotic Surgery

New Tools for Helping Heart Patients
June 24, 2010
Smart implantable devices are transforming the care of people with heart disease.

Summer Workshop on Plasma Medicine
June 21, 2010
NSF International Research Experience for Students (IRES) in Plasma Medicine.

First Synthetic Cell Created
May 27, 2010
Scientists create synthetic organism.

Smallest Telemedicine Microscope
May 27, 2010
World’s smallest and lightest telemedicine microscope, of the size of a large egg, has been developed, which may help improve healthcare in developing countries.

Wheelchairs That Listen
May 27, 2010
Seeking greater independence, patients help MIT researchers design a voice-driven device.

Exoskeleton Suit Enables Paralyzed
April 8, 2010
Israeli exoskeleton suit enables paralyzed people to walk.

Advances in Neuroengineering
March 12, 2010
Experts discuss advances in neuroengineering.

'09 Visualization Challenge Winners
February 26, 2010
2009 Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge Winners Announced

Research Position Opening
February 26, 2010
Research position opening for a Masters and/or Ph.D Biomedical Engineering student.

'Paper Chips' May Fight Disease
February 25, 2010
'Paper chip' may help diagnose malaria, HIV, TB in developing world.

HCP Follow-up Meeting
February 12, 2010
Haitian Coalition of Philadelphia (HCP) Follow-up Meeting, Friday, February 12, 2010 in Bossone Main Auditorium

Co-op & Service Abroad Info Session
February 3, 2010
Pizza and refreshments will be served at this event in Behrakis Hall on Feb. 17th from 4:30 to 6:30 PM.

Silencing Brain Cells with Light
January 8, 2010
New tools use light to turn off brain cells and possibly treat brain disorders.

DegreeWorks Presentations in Week 2
January 8, 2010
DegreeWorks presentations will be held on January 11th and 14th.

Digital Advance for Cancer Diagnosis
December 23, 2009
One day, an ordinary screening test may include checking your DNA to tell whether you might be developing cancer.

Growing Body Parts
December 17, 2009
Morley Safer reports on the amazing science of regenerative medicine growing body parts.

Designing Smart Surgical Microtools
December 3, 2009
Movement of cells and cellular components on their own is a hallmark of all living systems.

New Stroke Treatments on the Horizon
November 10, 2009
Once a stroke occurs, prompt treatment often means the difference between a return to normal life and months of rehabilitation, severe disability, or even death.

GPBA Annual Research Retreat
November 5, 2009
The Greater Philadelphia Bioinformatics Alliance (GPBA) Annual Research Retreat takes place November 12, 2009 in the Bossone Research Enterprise Center.

Seeing Formerly Invisible Molecules
October 26, 2009
New microscopic technique reveals for the first time previously unseen molecules in color.

MentorNet Information Session
September 30, 2009
A MentorNet information session will be held for Biomed grad students and faculty on October 9, 2009 from 12 - 1 p.m. in Bossone 709.

Mimicking Human Cartilage
August 18, 2009
Mimicking Human Cartilage to Repair a Knee

Training Minds to Move Matter
August 17, 2009
Researchers Train Minds to Move Matter

Drexel Neuroengineering Event
July 7, 2009
Drexel Neuroengineering: Planning for the Future

BIOMED Wins Wharton Competition
May 8, 2009
Dr. Elisabeth Papazoglou and the NIR Diagnostics team won the Michelson Grand Prize and People’s Choice Award at the 2009 Wharton Business Plan Competition.

Translational Medicine Forum
April 22, 2009
The Translational Medicine Annual Forum will be held May 13-15, 2009 at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel.

Nanotube Accelerated Bone Growth
April 15, 2009
Bone Growth Accelerated With Nanotubes And Stem Cells

Alumni Career Services Workshop
March 18, 2009
The Drexel University Alumni Association and the Steinbright Career Development Center will hold another Alumni Career Services workshop on April 2, 2009.

Exceptional Achievement Award
March 9, 2009
$100,000 A.J. Drexel Exceptional Achievement Award Nomination Deadline: March 23rd.

Microchip Measures a Lot in a Little
February 2, 2009
The ability to measure biomarkers quickly and easily in small samples is creating new opportunities in research and could make a big impact on clinical care.

Attention All Graduating Seniors!!
January 27, 2009
Your Application for Degree Form must be handed in to the Student Resource Center (SRC) by February 16, 2009 in order to participate in graduation.

Life-saving Surgery Tool
January 16, 2009
From military device to life-saving surgery tool.

Dov Jaron Is Elected to ICSU Board
December 11, 2008
Dr. Dov Jaron is elected to the Executive Board of the International Council for Science (ICSU)

Paralyzed Limbs Move Again
December 1, 2008
Biologically Active Nanofibers – Paralyzed Limbs Move Again

GPBA Poster Competition - Nov. 6th
October 17, 2008
Greater Philadelphia Bioinformatics Alliance (GPBA) Annual Research Retreat Poster Competition takes place Nov. 6, 2008 in the Bossone Research Enterprise Center

Picturing Liver Disease
August 28, 2008
Picturing Liver Disease with Shear Waves

Nanoplatform Offers Lung Disease Key
April 7, 2008
Nanoplatform Offers Key to Rare Lung Disease

Optical Microchip Tracks Molecules
February 6, 2008
Optical Microchip Tracks Molecules for Research and Clinical Applications

Monkey’s Thoughts Propel Robot
January 29, 2008
A Step That May Help Humans

'Super' Scanner Shows Key Detail
November 27, 2007
A new scanner has been unveiled which can produce 3D body images of unprecedented clarity while reducing radiation by as much as 80%.

Prosthesis Gets a Grip
November 13, 2007
The i-LIMB Hand, which uses human thought and muscles to move, is the world's first commercially available bionic hand.

Sending His Cancer a Signal
November 6, 2007
John Kanzius, sorely weakened by leukemia treatments, drew on his lifetime of working with radio waves to devise a machine that targets cancer cells.

Pancreatic Cancer May Be Outsmarted
October 30, 2007
New Technique May Outsmart Pancreatic Cancer

BME Poster Competition
October 4, 2007
The Translational Research in Biomedical Engineering Poster Competition will be held on Friday, October 26, 2007 in the Bossone Research Enterprise Center.

Fall Career Fair
October 2, 2007
SCDC presents Drexel's 20th Annual Fall Career Fair on Wednesday, October 3, 2007, from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the John A. Daskalakis Athletic Center.

Johnson & Johnson Info Session
October 1, 2007
SCDC will host Johnson & Johnson for an Information Session on Tuesday, October 2, 2007, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at the Paul Peck Alumni Center, Main Gallery.

Robotics Aids Stroke Patients
July 12, 2007
In Latest Robotics, New Hope for Stroke Patients.

Making Skin Cells Work As Stem Cells
July 3, 2007
Biologists Make Skin Cells Work Like Stem Cells

New Course on Product Development
February 22, 2007
A new course in Product Development for Medical Applications will be offered in the Spring term.

Making Torn Tendons Tough
February 20, 2007
Good news for athletes and others: Penn scientists, working with mice, are figuring out ways to make tendon injuries heal stronger.

Artificial Retina Implants Promising
February 19, 2007
Artificial retina implant holds promise for the blind.

Robot-Assisted Surgery with Feeling
February 12, 2007
Over the last decade a number of research groups have started investigating how to incorporate tactile feedback into robotic surgical systems.

Testing the Power of Magnetic Stents
February 7, 2007
A Drexel College of Medicine team is testing the power of magnets to eliminate some of the worries surrounding stents.

Brain-Computer Interfaces Come Home
February 7, 2007
Researchers show first home-versions of a brain-computer interface system enabling severely paralyzed people to communicate via their brain waves and a computer.

Drexel Nanotech Discovery Workshop
February 7, 2007
The A.J. Drexel Nanotechnology Institute and the College of Engineering invite you to The Drexel Nanotechnology Discovery Workshop, February 8, 2007 at 1 p.m.

Surgical Breakthrough via Golden Arm
February 4, 2007
A former US marine has been given a bionic arm in a pioneering operation.

Nanomachine Envisioned 150 Years Ago
February 1, 2007
Scientists build nanomachine envisioned 150 years ago.

Cell Transplants 'Restore Sight'
December 6, 2006
Cell transplants have successfully restored vision to mice which had lost their sight, leading to hopes people could benefit in the same way.

It May Come as a Shock
November 9, 2006
In ancient Rome, patients with unbearable head pain were sometimes treated with jolts from the electricity-producing black torpedo fish, or electric ray.

Young to Test Artificial Pancreas
November 7, 2006
Children in the UK with type 1 diabetes are being recruited to test an artificial pancreas.

Protein Modeling Workshop - Nov. 8th
October 31, 2006
This workshop is free of charge and will be held from 1 to 5 PM on November 8th, 2006 in Room 702 of the Bossone Research Enterprise Center.

Imaging Gene Expression with MR
October 30, 2006
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an important non-invasive technique for visualizing the body, but it has its limits.

BMEidea Stipends 2006-07
October 27, 2006
Deadline: November 10, 2006

FDA Approves New Artificial Heart
September 25, 2006
AbioCor is the first fully implantable device for patients who aren't eligible for transplants.

Faster Biopsy Results
August 30, 2006
Faster biopsy results with new microscope array.

Lankenau Hospital Gets New President
August 30, 2006
Main Line Health named Elaine Thompson, an alumnus of Drexel's School of Biomed, as the new president of Lankenau Hospital on Friday, August 18, 2006.

Nothing Tiny About Nanotech Grant
August 28, 2006
Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said Wednesday that the state will provide more than $11.1 million for nanotechnology and engineering research.

Smart Care via a Mouse
August 22, 2006
The electronic medical record seems an example of pure progress, a technology that yields only winners. So it has been cast as a geeky hero in health care policy.

Biomedical Technology Showcase
August 21, 2006
Biomedical Technology Showcase 2006 will take place Friday, November 3, 2006 @ 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM in the Bossone Research Enterprise Center at Drexel University.

Biosensor Rapidly Identifies UTIs
August 2, 2006
Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, are a serious health problem affecting millions of people each year.

Quadriplegic's Thoughts = Action
July 17, 2006
A chip placed in his brain helps him play video games and use a mechanical arm.

2006 IEEE-EMBS-ASME Workshop
June 26, 2006
Modeling and Measurement of Mechanical Properties of Cells and Proteins

Cardiac Patch: The Beat Goes On
June 6, 2006
Heart disease, the number one cause of death in the developed world, often manifests first as a heart attack – the sudden blockage of a coronary artery.

Robots Serve as Hands of the Surgeon
May 25, 2006
Some doctors believe that robotic surgery for prostate cancer and other conditions causes less pain and fewer side effects than conventional techniques.

GPBA Summer 2006 Virtual Institute
May 17, 2006
The Greater Philadelphia Bioinformatics Alliance has announced its Summer 2006 Virtual Institute for Professional Training sessions and schedule.

Nanofibre-regrown Optic Nerve
May 1, 2006
Optic nerve regrown with a nanofibre scaffold.

Fuel Powered Artificial Muscles
May 1, 2006
U. T. Dallas nanotechnologists demonstrate artificial muscles powered by highly energetic fuels.

Tiny Neural Clamps Make Connections
May 1, 2006
Researchers at Arizona State University have developed a device that may revolutionize ways to communicate with the peripheral nervous system.

New Hope for Head Injuries
April 17, 2006
More than 50,000 people die of head injuries in the United States every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Mag Signals Reveal Fetal Development
April 10, 2006
Researchers at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock are developing a screening tool to detect pre-term neurological damage in fetuses.

New Course on Product Development
April 8, 2006
A new special topics course / workshop in Product Development for Medical Applications will be offered in the Spring term.

GPBA Workshop on April 19th
April 7, 2006
The Greater Philadelphia Bioinformatics Alliance will hold a day-long workshop titled: Pharmacogenomics and Proteomics for Professionals and Investors

An Organ-implant First
April 6, 2006
In a breakthrough, 7 children born with spina bifida were given bladders grown from their own cells. A King of Prussia firm hopes for clinical trials this year.

Why Doctors So Often Get It Wrong
February 24, 2006
With all the tools available to modern medicine — the blood tests and M.R.I.'s and endoscopes — you might think that misdiagnosis has become a rare thing.

GPBA Summer 2006 Virtual Institute
February 20, 2006
The Greater Philadelphia Bioinformatics Alliance has announced its Summer 2006 Virtual Institute for Professional Training sessions and schedule.

Custom-Made Microbes at Your Service
February 2, 2006
There are bacteria that blink on and off like Christmas lights and bacteria that form multicolored patterns of concentric circles resembling an archery target.

Medical Devices Are Hot
January 24, 2006
Think of it as the fight for the Bionic Baby Boomer.

Nano-scale Version of Old Curative
January 4, 2006
Silver, one of humankind's first weapons against bacteria, is receiving new respect for its antiseptic powers.

When Is a Disability an Advantage?
December 21, 2005
Oscar Pistorius was born without feet and has fought hard—with the help of skilled prosthetics engineers—to run against the world's best athletes.

Blood Vessels Grown From Skin
November 16, 2005
Two kidney dialysis patients from Argentina have received the world's first blood vessels grown in a laboratory dish from snippets of their own skin.

75 Reasons To Be an Entrepreneur
October 24, 2005
75 reasons to be glad you're an American entrepreneur right now.

New Tissue 'Grown within Minutes'
October 24, 2005
UK scientists say they can cut the time it takes to grow new tissue from days to minutes.

Study on Regrowing Damaged Limbs
October 13, 2005
British scientists have been awarded $17 million in funding to study how to regrow damaged limbs.

InfraScan Part of Medtech Conference
October 11, 2005
InfraScan to present at Medtech Insight's "Investment In Innovation" Boston Conference.

Your Replacement Parts
September 27, 2005
A start-up King of Prussia company is working on a way to "grow" a new bladder using a patient's own cells.

St. Peter's Joins Forces with Drexel
August 11, 2005
St. Peter's joins forces with Drexel University to advance clinical research, education, technology.

A "Smart" Bio-Nanotube
August 11, 2005
Novel structure made from cell components could deliver drugs, genes on command.

Device to Combat Balance Disorders
July 14, 2005
OHSU researchers help develop portable device to assist those combating balance disorders.

Wiring the Brain at Nanoscale
July 11, 2005
Nanowires in blood vessels may help monitor, stimulate neurons in the brain.

Circulatory System on a Chip
July 5, 2005
Circulatory system on a chip lets scientists mimic heartbeat.

'Bionic' Arm Returns Sense of Touch
June 24, 2005
Technology links computer and nerves.

Robot Assistant Reports to Surgery
June 23, 2005
Machine lets nurses focus on patient care.

Cell Regeneration via Scaffolds
June 20, 2005
Microscopic scaffolds may help regenerate cells.

Blood Vessels Engineered in Lab
June 20, 2005
Duke scientist is perfecting human parts.

Blue Brain: Illuminating the Mind
June 10, 2005
Scientists will use the blazingly fast supercomputer to do never-before-possible research into how we think and how mental disorders arise.

Treating Trauma Cases
May 17, 2005
Treating trauma cases could soon be drastically different, thanks to an invention from a local research team.

Warped Map Helps Chart the Brain
May 11, 2005
A new brain database and atlas developed by the International Consortium for Brain Mapping may answer some of the most vexing questions about how the brain works.

Podcast: Google Information Tools
May 6, 2005
Jay Bhatt, Information Services Librarian, Engineering, presented a PowerPoint podcast on Google Scholar and Other Information Resource Tools.

Computers Obey Brain Waves
April 8, 2005
Scientists are using electrical brain signals as instructions to computers and other machines, allowing paralyzed people to control their environment.

NEBE Conference Poster Winners
April 6, 2005
Seunglee Kwon and Odelia Mualem Burstein won 2nd and 3rd place in the Graduate Poster Presentation category at the 31st Annual NEBE Conference.

Undergrad Award Applications
March 31, 2005
The application deadline for for this year's undergraduate Scholarship / Service Scholarships Awards is Friday, April 15, 2005.

Business Plan Development Workshop
March 28, 2005
A business plan development workshop will take place on Thursday, March 31, 2005, from 4 - 6 p.m. in the Baiada Center (3225 Arch Street, ground floor).

BIO 2005 Volunteer Program
March 14, 2005
Give us two days and we'll give you two complimentary days at the BIO 2005 conference!

A New Polymer To Treat Cancer
March 14, 2005
A new polymer combined with an ancient toxin may treat cancer.

Summer 2005 GPBA Internships
March 13, 2005
The deadline for Summer 2005 GPBA Internships have been extended until April 1, 2005.

Summer Training for Biostatistics
March 9, 2005
The Summer Institutes for Training in Biostatistics offers opportunities for undergraduate students for training in Biostatistics during Summer 2005.

Summer Research Internship Program
March 9, 2005
A summer research internship program at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX will take place June 20 - September 9, 2005.

BIO 2005 Philadelphia
March 9, 2005
The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) 2005 Annual International Convention takes place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, June 19-22, 2005.

Telemedicine on the Cheap
March 9, 2005
One evening recently, Kristi Moore was worried that her asthmatic daughter had strep throat, and she wanted a doctor's opinion.

Tiny Is Beautiful
February 25, 2005
Translating 'Nano' Into Practical

Wearable Robots Aid Stroke Rehab
February 15, 2005
A paralyzed arm is one of the most common disabilities that result from a stroke, and among the most frustrating.

Career Opportunities Seminar
February 15, 2005
The next BMES Industrial Speaker Seminar (BMES-ISS) will be presented by Mr. Matthew Geise from the HR department of Siemens Medical Solutions in Malvern.

Entrepreneurship Awards Q&A Session
February 11, 2005
Dr. Robert Loring will hold a question-and-answer session on the Loring Biomedical Technology Entrepreneurship Awards on Monday, February 14th at 4:00 p.m.

Noyce Scholarship Program
January 26, 2005
The Drexel University Noyce Scholarship Program is for mathematics, science and engineering students who want to become certified to teach math or science.

Automated Helping Hand for Surgery
January 24, 2005
An automated helping hand is meant to replace the scrub nurse, the person in the operating room who hands the surgeon the tools of surgery.

Conference on Bio-Threat Agents
January 24, 2005
The First Annual National Conference on Environmental Sampling for Bio-Threat Agents will take place Jan. 27-28, 2005 in Baltimore, MD.

Banu Onaral on The Drexel InterView
January 18, 2005
Dr. Banu Onaral, H. H. Sun Professor and Director of the School of Biomed will be a guest on DUTV's The Drexel InterView on Tues., Jan. 18, 2005 at 8 p.m.

Banu Onaral Listed in
January 13, 2005
Dr. Banu Onaral has been cited by The Philadelphia Inquirer as one of the top ten people to watch in the Philadelphia region in 2005.

Bone Checkups Through Ultrasound
December 17, 2004
Ultrasound may be the key to making bone checkups routine.

Detecting Breast Cancer Early
November 30, 2004
New device that detects metabolic changes could be used at home to detect tumors, but more work is needed - from Philly Metro, November 30, 2004

Sci-Tech Entrepreneurs Conference
November 23, 2004
Innovation Partnership is sponsoring a conference for science and technology entrepreneurs on December 1-2, 2004.

Bowling Night -- Tues Nov. 23rd
November 23, 2004
BIOMED students are invited to join the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) to a bowling night, Tuesday, Nov. 22nd, at Jillian's in the Northeast.

Entrepreneurship Awards Q&A Session
November 9, 2004
Dr. Robert Loring will hold a question-and-answer session on the Loring Biomedical Technology Entrepreneurship Awards on Tuesday, Nov. 16th at 4:00 p.m.

Noyce Scholarship Deadline Nov. 12th
November 9, 2004
The deadline for submittal of the application and letter of intent for the Noyce Scholarship has been extended until November 12, 2004.

Catch a (Brain) Wave
October 25, 2004
About 2 million people in the United States have diseases that impair their muscle control.

Biomedical Research Day
October 25, 2004
The governor and legislature of Pennsylvania recognize Biomedical Research Day.

Business Plan Competition Workshop
October 20, 2004
Business Plan Competition Kicks Off with Workshop

BMES Fall Meeting: Oct. 13-16, 2004
September 29, 2004
The Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) 2004 Annual Fall Meeting will be held October 13-16, 2004 at the Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel in Philadelphia, PA.

Over the Counter Defibrillator
September 29, 2004
Philips gets FDA approval to sell defibrillator over the counter.

Doctors Grow New Jaw in Man's Back
September 29, 2004
A German who had his lower jaw cut out because of cancer has enjoyed his first meal in nine years after surgeons grew a new jaw bone in his back muscle.

Cartilage Heal Thyself
September 29, 2004
Tissue-engineered scaffolding may help the body repair weakened knees and joints.

Progress in Immunotherapy
September 29, 2004
Immunotherapy offers the promise of treating human diseases by mobilizing or inhibiting multiple arms of the immune system.

Toward Neural Prosthetics
September 29, 2004
Researchers have long dreamed of devising prosthetic devices that could be operated by paralyzed people using brain signals alone.

Integrated Imaging Used in Surgery
August 18, 2004
Integrated Imaging May Improve Epilepsy Surgery

Biomedical Entrepreneurship Course
August 11, 2004
Biomedical Entrepreneurship - BMES 680/BMES 480 course will be offered in Winter term '05

Optics East 2004 Conference
June 29, 2004
The Optics East 2004 Conference will be held October 25-28, 2004 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Designer Bones
June 28, 2004
In the future, a patient in need of a new bone or bone section may be able to have one made using a mold, a gel, and a few drops of adult mesenchymal stem cells.

SAPA-GP Annual Conference
May 26, 2004
Current Trends in World Pharmaceuticals and Biotech R&D

M.D.'s Inside the Body
May 4, 2004
A Glimpse at the Future of DNA: M.D.'s Inside the Body.

Brain Implants Enabled By Thought
April 14, 2004
With Tiny Brain Implants, Just Thinking May Make It So

Opportunities in Bioinformatics
April 13, 2004
Opportunities in bioinformatics once abounded for the self-taught and industrially minded, but employers are now turning towards formally trained and academics.

Nanopulses Tweak Innards of Cells
April 13, 2004
A method that would allow doctors to tweak the innards of cells without even touching a patient's body is being developed in the US.

New Named Professorships
April 12, 2004
Interim Provost Ali Houshmand announces new named Drexel professorships.

Research Seeks To Create Living Cell
April 12, 2004
Researchers seek to create a living cell

From Robotic Legs to Super Troopers
March 29, 2004
Robotic legs could lead to super troopers: 'Pilot becomes integral part of exoskeleton.'

Art of Restoring What's Missing
March 29, 2004
When Necessity Meets Ingenuity: Art of Restoring What's Missing

Neural Signals Enable the Paralyzed
March 29, 2004
Brainpower: Neural signals enable paralyzed patients to control computers through thought.

Lab on a Chip
March 29, 2004
Miniaturized microfluidic device analyzes multiple samples in parallel.

Using Nanoscale Storms To Cool Chips
March 29, 2004
At Purdue, cooling chips with mini lightning storms

Bashful vs. Brash in Nanotech Field
March 15, 2004
Bashful vs. Brash in the New Field of Nanotech

BioSensus Obtains BioAdvance Funding
March 15, 2004
BioSensus has received $500,000 in start-up funding from BioAdvance, the Biotechnology Greenhouse of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Nano Effort Rakes In Funding
February 29, 2004
An organization formed to spur nanotechnology research and commercialization efforts helps local researchers get about $60 million in federal grants.

Shock Waves Of Cloning Revelation
February 17, 2004
Ethicists, scientists, and politicians debate meaning, next steps.

Human Embryos Cloned
February 17, 2004
South Korean team demonstrates cloning efficiency for humans is similar to pigs and cattle.

EMB Magazine goes LIVE!
February 9, 2004
Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMB) Magazine is now available on the internet through the EMBS home page!

Dramatic Results Against Stroke
February 9, 2004
Test shows device can arrest damage by removing blood clots from victims.

Undergrad Research Opportunities
February 6, 2004
The Pennoni Honors College maintains an interactive website designed to foster research and creative opportunities for all Drexel undergraduates.

Undergraduate Summer Research at MIT
February 6, 2004
Harvard-MIT Biomedical Optics Summer Institute to be held at MIT and at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

2004 NSF/NIBIB Summer Institutes
February 5, 2004
Student applications are now open for the 2004 NSF/NIBIB Summer Institutes,

NIH Graduate Partnership Program
February 5, 2004
The Graduate Program Partnerships (GPP) initiative links the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with universities in the graduate level training of students.

DHS Scholarships and Fellowships
February 5, 2004
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is offering undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships with competitive stipends and tuition allowances.

Ultrasound Becoming More Pervasive
January 28, 2004
An Ultrasound That Navigates Every Nook and Cranny

Cracking Nature's Super Glue Secrets
January 21, 2004
Chemists Crack Secrets of Nature's Super Glue. Mussel-powered proteins stick to Teflon, even under water .

Nanoscale Building Blocks Take Shape
January 21, 2004
Nanoscale Building Blocks Form Spheres, Tubes, and Curves. Self-assembling structures could find wide use in nanoelectronics and drug delivery.

Nanotech Attracts Venture Capital
December 23, 2003
As Nanotechnology Gains Visibility, Venture Capital Begins Coming In

Jawbone Grows from Adult Stem Cells
December 15, 2003
Whitaker investigator successfully uses a single population of adult stem cells to grow a knob of jawbone as a potential medical implant.

Scientists Make Synthetic Virus Fast
November 20, 2003
Replicating microbes could help clean up air pollutants and produce natural fuels.

Public Defibrillators Save Lives
November 20, 2003
First major test of public-access defibrillators found to rescue lives.

Devices Can Now Read Human Thought
November 20, 2003
Devices that read human thought now possible, study says. Brain implants could help severely disabled.

Docs Seed Hearts With Healing Cells
November 20, 2003
Seeding hearts with healing cells, doctors hope to grow muscle.

MedTech Targets Neonatal Technology
November 20, 2003
MedTech partnership aims to boost neonatal technology.

Thoughts Control Bionic Arm
November 20, 2003
Biomedical engineers and surgeons have attached a bionic arm that can be controlled by thought.

Stem Cells Grown into Tissues
November 20, 2003
Breakthrough seen in creating organs.

Monkeys Move Robot Arm Via Implant
October 16, 2003
The technology could someday let paralyzed people operate tools or control their own arms and legs.

Short Course in Molecular Biology
September 24, 2003
The Greater Philadelphia Bioinformatics Alliance presents: Field Guide to GenBank and NCBI Molecular Biology Resources.

Computer Imaging Finds Tumor Vessels
July 24, 2003
A Budding Tumor Unmasked by the Vessels That Feed It

Telemedicine Used for Eye Care
July 9, 2003
For an Ailing Retina, Instant Diagnosis From Afar

Bioinformatics Alliance Is Launched
July 3, 2003
BioAdvance and nine Philadelphia universities and research organizations are joining forces to launch the Greater Philadelphia Bioinformatics Alliance.

Technology Elite Focus on Human Body
June 17, 2003
Technology Elite Are Focusing Next on Human Body

Military Hardware Used To Fight SARS
May 13, 2003
Military Hardware Is Adapted To Fight SARS

'Virtual' Colonoscopy Wins Patent
May 6, 2003
Virtual colonoscopy combines CT scanning technology and computer graphics technology.

New Hope for Heart Patients
April 27, 2003
Drug-coated stents help delay or avert surgery.

Life-sciences Fund Makes First Loans
April 22, 2003
The money, from the tobacco settlement, is aimed at promoting local biotechnology firms and jobs.

Human Genome Is Complete
April 21, 2003
Scientists Say Human Genome Is Complete

Human Genome Is Complete
April 18, 2003
Scientists Say Human Genome Is Complete

Ideal Sensors Don't Exist Yet
April 2, 2003
Ideal Sensors for Terror Attack Don't Exist Yet

Reeve Breathing on His Own
March 14, 2003
Christopher Reeve has electrodes planted in his diaphragm to restore his ability to breathe naturally.

Stem Cells Used to Repair Heart
March 10, 2003
Doctors have used stem cells to repair the heart of a 16-year old boy.

Ink-jet Printing and Living Tissue
February 20, 2003
Ink-jet printing creates tubes of living tissue

Bioinformatics Initiative Gets Funds
February 20, 2003
Dr. Aydin Tozeren leads one of 11 'Skills Greenhouses' funded projects.

Soccer Headgear Fails Impact Tests
February 20, 2003
Foam helmets and padded headbands do little to soften the impact of heading a soccer ball, according to a new study.

Small World, Big Plans
February 20, 2003
Business and nanotechnology, where common material particles are shrunk to such small sizes, behaving in unexpected - and often - useful ways.

Outstanding Young American
February 20, 2003
Dr. Anthony Mazzarelli has been named one of this year's ten Outstanding Young Americans.

Mouse Genome to Be Made Public
February 20, 2003
A landmark in biology that will greatly accelerate efforts to understand and treat human disease.

What's New on BMEnet
February 20, 2003

What's New on BMEnet
February 20, 2003

Early Plaque Detection
February 11, 2003
Bioengineers have used nanotechnology to see where blood vessel plaques are just beginning to form, well before they pose a risk of heart attack or stroke.

Predicting Evolution
February 11, 2003
A new computer model has successfully predicted how one strain of a common bacterium will evolve over hundreds of generations.

Soccer Headgear Fails Impact Tests
January 13, 2003
helmets and padded headbands do little to soften the impact of heading a soccer ball, according to a new study.

HeartMate heart assist pump
December 20, 2002
The government has approved the HeartMate heart assist pump as a permanent implant for patients with severe heart failure

Computer Predicts Severity
December 20, 2002
Bioengineers have developed the first computer model that can predict the severity of a disease based on a patient's genes.

Noise That Keeps a Body on Balance
December 20, 2002
Keeping your balance while standing upright can be tricky, particularly for older people.

Biotech News:
December 16, 2002
Computer Model Predicts Severity of Blood Disorder

Virtual Stomach
November 11, 2002
The first virtual stomach is providing unique insights into the way medicines are released from pills and capsules

Laser Research Yields Precision
October 10, 2002
Laser Research Yields Precision Breath Analysis Tool for Asthma Diagnosis (Treatment)

October 8, 2002
An experimental device that acts like a miniature drill and

Tracking Speeding Blood Cells
September 23, 2002
Like weather forecasters mapping cloud movements or police tracking a speeding car, biomedical engineers can now gauge the speed of blood cells rushing through hu

September 23, 2002

Tracking Speeding Blood Cells
September 23, 2002
"Biomedical engineers can now gauge the speed of blood cells rushing through human veins."

Nanomachines Seek Out Breast Cancer
September 17, 2002
A biomedical engineer and a biologist have teamed up to create nanomachines that hone in on breast cancer tissue in live mice.

August 6, 2002
An international team has completed the most comprehensive

Telemedicine and Remote Knee Surgery
July 23, 2002
In a groundbreaking telemedicine development, doctors in Massachusetts earlier this month helped a physician at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station to surgically re

Laser-Like Beam May Break Barriers
July 23, 2002
Researchers have created a sharply focused, laser-like beam of ultraviolet light using a device that could fit on a dining room table. Scientists and engineers wi

New digital video technologies
July 19, 2002
Scientists and medical professionals are discovering how useful digital video can be in advancing their research, educating patients, or sharing ideas and techniq

It Slices! It Dices! Nanotube Struts
July 19, 2002
It is stronger than steel and far sharper than a pin. It shoots electrons and draws away heat. It can become the thinnest of wires and, potentially ...

‘Summit for a Cure’ looks to future
June 25, 2002
Scientists may be on the verge of curing some of the most deadly and crippling diseases that plague man, experts said Sunday during MSNBC TV’s “Summit for a Cure.

2002 Research Day and Venture Fair
June 12, 2002
BIOMED is very proud to honor and congratulate the winners of the

June 11, 2002
Boston-area researchers created miniature cow kidneys and heart tissue from cloned cow embryos, then implanted them in the original animals without complication,

Heart Pump Study
May 22, 2002
A new study adds to the evidence supporting the use of heart assist pumps as permanent implants for patients with heart failure.

May 3, 2002
Scientists for the first time have managed to remotely direct the movements of rats by using implanted electrodes to control their behavior -- in effect transform

Implanted Heart-Rate Monitors "Mode
April 29, 2002
Devices that are implanted in the chest to regulate heart rates have proved to be moderately cost-effective among patients

Cartilage Made From Stem CellsTested
April 15, 2002
Cartilage Made From Stem CellsTested in Animals

BiomedTechnologist Job in Maine
April 5, 2002
Full-time position as a Biomedical Technologist I in Bar Harbor, Maine

DNAComputers - Maybe We Could Infe
April 1, 2002
Researchers are using DNA to develop truly miniscule computers that

Gene Therapy for Blood Vessels
March 25, 2002
Biomedical engineers at the University of California, San Diego, have received a patent for an experimental gene therapy to prevent blood vessels from reclosing a

January 30, 2002
Doctors are using high-frequency radio waves to zap cells that cause irregular heartbeats, eliminating the problem for more than 70 percent of patients with a typ

Blood Vessels Grown in Live Animals
December 10, 2001
Biomedical engineers at the University of Michigan have grown a healthy network of blood vessels in live animals.

Graduate Fellowships at Purdue
December 10, 2001
Biomedical Engineering Graduate Fellowships at Purdue University

A New Form of Ultrasonic Vision
December 10, 2001
A sonic flashlight developed at the University of Pittsburgh makes the human body seem translucent right in front of your eyes.

2002 Graduate Fellowship Competition
November 13, 2001
The National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship Competition for 2002

Post-Doctoral Position
October 22, 2001
in Neuroengineering

NSF Graduate Fellowships
October 1, 2001
Available NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Nanotech: the new frontier in biomed
September 6, 2001
BY Kathy Kowalenko. Editor, The Institute (IEEE)

Heart cells beat anew in 3-D dish
August 16, 2001
Computer chip-making technology aids research

Hahnemann is testing a new heart
August 9, 2001
In the medical community, cautious optimism greeted the device, which is completely implanted in the chest.

July 17, 2001
By Dick Kaukas, The Courier-Journal

Laser Scalpel for Eyes
July 2, 2001
Ultrafast pulse offers high precision for cutting corneal flap

Penn Wins $14 Million L-D Award
June 28, 2001
from Whitaker

Barbara Salami wins an IEEE Award
June 27, 2001
Congratualations to our BIOMED undergraduate

Drexel Alumni
June 27, 2001
former students of Dr. Moshe Kam

What's New on BMEnet
June 27, 2001
Coronary Catheter Cleans Up

June 19, 2001

Scenes From BIOMED Retreat
May 21, 2001
A brief collection of pictures from the BIOMED retreat on May 18, 2001.

April 17, 2001

April 17, 2001
from The San Francisco Chronicle

MRI-Guided Catheter Ablation
April 17, 2001
Johns Hopkins University

Two BME Pioneers Honored
April 17, 2001
ARLINGTON, Va., Feb. 27, 2001

Agreement Signed
March 20, 2001
for Impedance Cardiography Intellectual Property

Bridging the Gaps Program
March 1, 2001
Summer Internship for Graduate Students

Tenure Track Faculty Positions
March 1, 2001
in Biomedical Engineering

Endowed Chair Professorships
March 1, 2001
BIOMED invites nominations and applications

IRC Website Is Ready!
February 27, 2001

Philadelphia a life-sciences center
February 14, 2001
Philadelphia a life-sciences center? Could be

Artificial Heart Approved
February 9, 2001
for Clinical Trials

February 9, 2001
from Newsday

February 9, 2001
OF ARTIFICIAL HEART from The Associated Press

February 9, 2001

February 9, 2001

January 4, 2001

Alliance in bioinformatics
January 3, 2001
with SmithKline Beecham

ONR funds a BIOMED
January 3, 2001
LIDAR Technology Project

Nanotechnology Center
January 3, 2001
Established by Funds from the State of Pennsylvania

Graduate Fellowships
January 3, 2001
in Biomedical Engineering and Sciences

Graduate Assistantship
January 3, 2001
in Limb Prosthethetics - Orthotics (Robotics)

Post-Doctoral position
January 3, 2001
in Rehabilitation - Biomedical Engineering

December 28, 2000
(Computer Graphics World, December 2000)

December 1, 2000

November 28, 2000

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
August 8, 2000
2001 Program Announcement

Armored Microbes
July 13, 2000
Could Lead to New Biochips

Nerve Cells
July 13, 2000

July 13, 2000
from The San Francisco Chronicle

July 13, 2000
from The Associated Press 6/26/00

July 13, 2000
(New York Times, June 1, 2000)

Employment Outlook for Engineers
July 13, 2000
for Biomedical Engineers through 2008 from the BMEnet

Human Genome Effort on Verge of Next
July 13, 2000
from The Los Angeles Times

Life Force
July 10, 2000
Do quantum computers make us what we are?
from New Scientist magazine

October 18, 1999
Please check out the new BiomedIT Web Site for all your BIOMED computer needs

Faculty Positions Available
September 29, 1999
Endowed Calhoun Chair Professorships; Endowed Calhoun/Coriell Chair Professorship in Bioinformatics; Faculty Positions

Whitaker Special Opportunity
September 28, 1999
Whitaker announced a special opportunity in Biomedical Engineering award for DU-TJU Academic Alliance

NIH Funds Tissue Characterization
September 28, 1999
The National Institutes of Health has renewed funding for the Program Project

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