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February 26, 2010

"2009 Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge Winners Announced"

February 18, 2010
View the 2009 winners and the first place winner of non-interactive media.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) along with the journal Science, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), today announced the winners of their seventh annual International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge.

The winning entries include extraordinary photographs, illustrations, videos and graphics that reveal intricate details of life and the world around us--down to the smallest scale. The winning visualizations range from a video that uses found objects to explain the epigenetics of identical twins, to an electron microscope photograph that catches self-assembling polymers in action as they grip a green orb, offering a powerful message about cooperative efforts to save the Earth.

One of two first-place winners in the illustrations category is a 3.5-meter-tall, three-dimensional art installation, one of several projects by biologist Peter Lloyd Jones and architect Jenny E. Sabin of the University of Pennsylvania's Sabin + Jones LabStudio that depict large, complex data sets in new ways. Called "Branching Morphogenesis," the work is an illustration of the forces lung cells exert as they form capillaries. It aims to reveal--through abstraction--the unseen beauty and dynamic relationships that exist between endothelial cells and their surrounding extracellular microenvironment.

"Sometimes graphing data won't tell you about its intricacies," Jones says. "This makes the whole process exciting and interactive." The installation is featured on the cover of the Feb. 19 issue of Science.

Illustrators, photographers, computer programmers and graphics specialists from around the world were invited to submit visualizations that would intrigue, explain and educate. This year, there were 130 entries from 14 countries.

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