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Seminar - Glycoproteomics for the Study, Early Detection, and Treatment of Chronic Viral Diseases
Date: April 22, 2005
Time: 4:00 PM
Location: Bossone Research Enterprise Center, Room: 1st Flr. Auditorium

Timothy M. Block, Ph.D.
Director, Drexel Institute for Biotechnology and Virology Research (DIBVIR) and Professor of Microbiology and Immunology
Drexel University College of Medicine (CoM)

Hepatitis B and C are major public health problems. Glycoproteomics refers to the systems study of glycosylation and proteins. We have been studying the role of glycoyslation of viral and cell proteins in the morphogenesis of hepatitis B and C from infected cells, as well as to discover biomarkers to help in the detection of diseases these viruses cause. This presentation will report how these methods are used and of our discovery of two families of drugs and one new diagnostic marker currently in clinical trials for detection and treatment of viral hepatitis induced disease, in people.

Timothy M. Block, Ph.D. is Director, Drexel Institute for Biotechnology and Virology Research (DIBVIR) and Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, Drexel University College of Medicine. He is also President of The Hepatitis B Foundation of America and its Pennsylvania Commonwealth Institute for Hepatitis and Virus Research. Dr. Block has been performing translational research for more than 26 years with co-discoveries that include co-transformation technologies (1979), the patented microorganism based assays for medically important compounds, called MOBA (1985), Phage linked immunoabsorbant assays called PHALISA (1989), Oragene technology for treatment of hepatitis B (now in phase III clinical trials, in Israel). With Baruch Blumberg and Raymond Dwek, he discovered two new chemical families of antiviral agents, called the glucovirs and alkovirs, that have helped lead to an understanding of the role of glycan processing in protein trafficking (1991) and glycolipid mediated activation of innate host defense (1999). The alkovirs are now in phase II clinical trials for the treatment of hepatitis C, in the US. His recent work has focused upon glycoproteomic based methods for detection and treatment of liver and colorectal cancer.

The Biotechnology Center that Dr. Block directs (formerly called “The Jefferson Center”, now called “DIBVIR”) is responsible for creation of 6 new biotechnology companies in the past 5 years (3 or which were based all, or in part, on Dr. Block’s discoveries), and engagements with more than 30, in the region. DIBVIR is host, for example, to the Bucks County Regional Biotechnology Council. In 2005, DIBVIR will move in to a newly renovated 64,000 ft2 facility, purchased with funds from a grant from The Commonwealth of PA, and intended to nurture biotechnology development in Pennsylvania. In 2000, The Daily Intelligencer (the region’s leading newspaper) named Dr. Block as 1 of the 100 most important people of the 20th Century in Bucks County. He received a “Special Citation for Accomplishment” and was Scientist of the Year (1998), American Liver Foundation, is a member of The Bulgarian National Academy of Sciences (2002), The Romanian Institute of Biochemistry (2000) and most recently (2004) was one of 40 American delegates, led by Dr. Anthony Fauci (US NIH) participating in the 40th anniversary ceremony of US-Japan Medical Collaboration, in Kyoto, JA., which was presided over by Japan’s Crown Prince and Princess.

The Bossone Research Enterprise Center is located on Market Street, between 31st and 32nd Streets. The auditorium is on the first floor.

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