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Job Searching for Biomedical Engineering Students

"The Hagerty Library presentation on Job Searching for Biomedical Engineering Students is now available from the Library's main Engineering Reference Page."

For more information, please visit the Hagerty Library Engineering Reference page, or go directly to Job Searching for Biomedical Engineering Students.

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Biomedical Engineering Summer Internship Program (BESIP)

"The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) is sponsoring a Biomedical Engineering Summer Internship Program (BESIP) for undergraduate biomedical engineering students who have completed their junior year of college."

This ten week program, from June 1 through August 7, 2009, allows rising senior biomedical engineering students to participate under the mentorship of world class scientists in cutting-edge biomedical research projects in NIH laboratories in Bethesda, Maryland. Please note: the BESIP is a separate program from the NIH Summer Internship Program (SIP) in Biomedical Research. For details about the program, including application information, please visit:

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Undergrad Research Opportunities

"The Pennoni Honors College maintains an interactive website designed to foster research and creative opportunities for all Drexel undergraduates."

The website provides a convenient way for all faculty to advertise projects with which our students may become involved. And it functions as a convenient guide for students seeking to engage in the challenge and intellectual excitement of working with our faculty on cutting-edge research and creative projects. Such activities are both rewarding in themselves and offer students ways of distinguishing themselves as prospective graduate and professional scholars and in competing for national and international fellowships, as well as the most intriguing co-ops and jobs.

To advertise and/or view positions for undergraduates, simply follow the links at

Students should visit often, as opportunities are constantly changing. Engaging in research and creative activities can change your life; we encourage it!

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