CONQUER CollabOrative


Cognitive Neuroengineering and Quantitative Experimental Research (CONQUER)  Collaborative is established to provide a unique brain function research facility accessible to group of the School of Biomedical Engineering, Psychology, Psychiatry, Nursing and Health Professions, Neurology, Neurobiology, Neurosciences, Visualization, Gaming, Computer Science, Education and partner institutions in the region. CONQUER collaborative lab is focused on experimental protocol design, sensor and device development, signal processing, communications, software, information management and systems integration necessary to perform breakthrough science and engineering. CONQUER collaborative lab is equipped with a comprehensive suite of monitoring, processing, analysis and visualization technologies to conduct human experiments based on two complementary modalities, namely, the near-infrared (NIR) based functional optical brain imaging [fNIR] and the electroencephalogram [EEG]. Moreover, the project management services and funding opportunities offered by the Translational Research in Biomedical Technologies' program of the School help the CONQUER collaborative lab to move the methods and technologies to applications in healthcare, education and entertainment and collaborates with a long list of partners in the U.S. and overseas. Current collaborative research areas are in the field of cognitive workload assessment, such as cognitive function monitoring for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ground control operators;  neurorehabilitation, depth of anesthesia monitoring, brain computer interface for neurological and gaming applications, pediatric solutions, education and training, cognitive aging, etc. 


The CONQUER group focuses on the cross-disciplinary and collaborative research on brain function.

Welcome to the CONQUER collaborative - Cognitive Neuroengineering and Quantitative Experimental Research CollabOrative at Drexel University

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