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Magnetic BioSystems

Magnetic BioSystems (MBS) is proud to be developing a minimally invasive, targeted drug delivery system that uses magnetic implants and magnetic nanoparticles to administer repeatable and patient specific dosages of therapeutic agents to specific sites in the human body. Our primary application will be the development of a magnetic stent for treatment of restenosis, but future applications include magnetic implants for treatment of tumors, aneurysms, and other medical conditions. The magnetic stent provides a unique advantage in that drugs, gene vectors and other therapeutic substances, encapsulated inside magnetic nanoparticle carriers, can be administered by simple injection and trapped in high concentration near chosen sites in the body. Magnetic nanoparticles are an ideal vehicle for carrying drugs, since they can be injected into blood vessels without causing blockages or interfering with normal cardiovascular functioning. However, past attempts at localizing the nanoparticles have been unsuccessful because insufficient magnetic force could be applied. Through the use of internal implants patterned with tiny magnetic features, MBS technology has overcome past difficulties and has demonstrated for the first time the capture of a significant percentage of injected magnetic nanoparticles, sufficient to elicit a therapeutic response while minimizing toxicity to the rest of the body.


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