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Microencapsulation Technology

Margaret Wheatley

BioSensor Technology

Ryszard Lec

Functional Optical Brain Imaging

Kambiz Pourrezaei

Frequency Domain Near Infrared (NIR)

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For him, it's personal
August, 2012
Brian Hipszer, a Jefferson researcher and a diabetic, puts his own body into the quest for the
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Device Helps Eyes Do the Write Thing
July, 2012
Refining visual control could help disabled communicate; hands-free systems for pilots, surgeons possible.
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Wireless and Touch-Sensitive Bionics
June, 2012
A new generation of bionics which can connect wirelessly with the nervous system and feel are under development.
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They Moved a Robot With Their Minds
May, 2012
Two people who are virtually paralyzed from the neck down have learned to manipulate a robotic arm with just their thoughts.
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Welcome to the School of Biomedical Engineering, Science, and Health Systems Technology Portfolio. This ongoing and evolving technology products portfolio contains the latest intellectual property and technology transfer developments resulting from our research thrusts in the areas of bioinformatics, biosensing, bioimaging, tissue engineering, drug delivery, and neuroengineering.

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